Eye in the Sky

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Even the greatest NASCAR driver in the world can’t win a race on his own. He relies on the insights from others on the team who have expertise and skills in different areas.  Well, the same teamwork applies to the jobsite.  Each member of crew is specialized in a specific area of work. Operators are experts behind the controls, but they often rely on others when it comes to the maintenance of machine. This is where fleet monitoring analysts take center stage.  Just as race spotters review the entire track, analyze previous races and communicate with the driver and crew chief in advance to prep; fleet monitoring analysts play a similar “eye in the sky” role.  They take a wholistic view of the complete jobsite ensuring the long term performance of the fleet and – ultimately - the success of a project.   

Watch and see how effective Fleet Monitoring practices ensure a winning outcome regardless of the track.


Turning Information into Action, Get More

Whether you operate one piece of equipment or a fleet of hundreds, the amount of data today’s assets and sites generate is overwhelming.

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Your projects are a big deal. You need equipment that can go where you need it to go. A machine that fits your work no matter where or what that project might be. We heard you.

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